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Little Babylons (1:20)

Berlin, 2008

The photograph is guilty of many miss-deeds, lies and fabrications. As our culture increasingly visualizes, pictures pimp every product imaginable from bikinis to beach houses. But, the medium is innocent, it is our implicit assumption that the photograph is ‘real’ that leads us astray. The 1:20 project originated as an open investigation of the possibilities of collaboration between an architect and photographer/artist. A collaboration that attempts to re-frame the typical, linear relationship of :

Architect > photographer : object > documentation

Into a true collaborative process of:

Architect <> photographer: artifice <> real(site)

Using the collaborator’s familiar techniques; digital and physical model making, image production and manipulation, in unfamiliar ways to establish hybrid methodologies. The transit lounge gallery was taken as the site of experimentation – the ‘transience’ of the project being the temporary occupation of, focus on and transformation of the ‘site’.

The site was photographically recorded at a variety of scales, physically modelled, transformed via installations and alterations to the model. Re-photographed and presented within the site (gallery). The re-presentation of the ‘artificial’ images of the ‘real’ space, within the real space de-stabilizes the conventional ‘reality’ of the photograph and in particular the architectural photograph.

This project was made possible through the support of Transit Lounge: a series of overlapping residencies for Australian and German artists and architects in Berlin.

With Tanja Milbourne (nee Kimme)