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Linear Monument Research Project

Open agenda Competition, 2010

"Despite the pressures of a booming population — much of it driven by overseas students and new migrants wanting to settle close in — growth in the inner and middle suburbs declined significantly, as rising costs and council opposition blocked many residential redevelopments."
The Age, "Pressure grows as Melbourne rockets to 4 million", TIM COLEBATCH, April 24, 2009

Urban futures in Australia are currently a source of anxiety both within the profession, media and general public. The perfect storm of rapid population growth and the increasingly accepted un-sustainability of continued urban growth at the fringe, has delivered a pressing need for increased urban density within existing suburbs.

Numerous solutions are put forward to 'solve' the issue of densification within the inner suburbs, where wealthy, and increasingly vocal residents agree with the arguments and benefits of increased density with the existing urban ; but oppose any changes to the character of 'their' neighbourhoods. Few if any of these solutions deliver the scope of new housing and other services required to meet the needs of our cites.

Linear Monument proposes to occupy and build over the hundreds of thousands of square meters of railway corridors within the most sought after and valuable inner urban land. While this idea is not new, but what has changed is the ability to use parametric systems to link demographic, real estate, topographic and legal information sets, to feasibility analysis/form generation effecting radical architectures from a simple premise.

Linear Monument forms a nexus of the unfashionably poetic utopian mega structure with an intensely pragmatic/rationalist, a solution for urban densification expressly formed by the forces shaping the contemporary Australian urban condition.

The Linear Monument project was awarded a Honourable Mention in the inaugural Open Agenda competition.